About the Journal

The journal publishes specialised scientific research in the fields of Architecture (Sustainable design, Urban planning, Modern Building, Conservation Restauration & Renovation, Housing, Integrated Urban Energy, Smart Cities, City Branding, Responsive Architecture and Regenerative architecture) Décor (Interior Architecture and Scenography), Visual arts (Painting, Murals, Graphics, Cartoon and Animation, Book-making, Sculpture), History of art and civilization, Museum science and all related interdisciplinary studies, as well as articles and researches extracted from theses, book reviews and conference reports.


  • To encourage scientific research through the publication of original, innovative, critiques and evidenced research studies.
  • To provide a local and international forum for enriching and developing scientific research in the fields of arts, architecture and related studies.
  • To reinforce intellectual ties and scientific production and create channels of communication between researchers and academic institutions locally and internationally.
  • To emphasise the role of the Faculty of Fine Arts as a leading institution in the fields of architecture, arts and related studies and linking it to various institutions.
  • To supportinter-disciplinaryresearch studieslinkingarchitecture,artsand the socialscienceshencecontributetodevelopmentandcommunity